Patented SDC-7 Automatic Air Filter Dry Cleaning Machine

  • Easy To Use Color Touchscreen Interface/ Controls
  • 220v Single Phase 50/60 Hertz
  • Operators Manual
  • Basic installation kit

SDC DCS-4 Cartridge Dust Collection System

  • Fully Assembled Heavy Duty 4 Cartridge Dust Collector
  • Integrated Blower Assembly and Motor Starter/ Timer Control Panel
  • Drum Hopper Kit
  • 220v Single Phase 60 Hertz (50 Hertz Option Available)
  • Pre-Fabricated Quick Clamp Steel Ducting Kit

SDC Manometer flow test table

  • Fully Assembled Flow Test Table
  • Pre wire motor starter
  • 220v single phase 50/60 hertz

SDC High Intensity LED Light Source

  • High intensity LED light
  • Pre-wired Foot Actuated On/Off Switch
  • 220v single phase 50/60 hertz

One Year Parts and Warranty

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