The Environment

Health Care for the Economy and the Environment

More than ever, Sonic Dry Clean is being called upon to deliver a better product that not only saves companies money, increases profits, and serves consumer needs, but helps to preserve the environment as well.

Sonic Dry Clean is a valued partner in any company’s maintenance program. The SDC System enables businesses to safely and effectively clean, thus recycle their dirty air filters at a significantly reduced cost. The SDC System is a proven, tested process that also saves landfill space, and is environmentally superior to all other cleaning options. The SDC System demonstrates how environmental technology can improve the environment and the economy at the same time!

Supporting a Historic Effort

In California, Sonic Dry Clean is also consistent with the state’s new waste management approach. In 1989, the Integrated Waste Management Act was put into law, establishing a far-reaching plan to divert waste from landfills. The guiding credo is known as “reduce, reuse and recycle” — a battle cry to make our world a cleaner, safer, more enjoyable place for our children. The three R’s are central to the effort, for public perceptions and practices play a critical role in maximizing waste prevention and diversion.

Sonic Dry Clean fits right in with this goal. It supports “reduce” by extending the life of a quality product thereby reducing the amount of solid waste entering our landfills. It supports “reuse” by offering a product which performs better the second, third and fourth time around than the brand-new product. And it supports “recycle” by stimulating and meeting a market demand for a recycled product. The SDC System has arrived just as the public, industry and government are becoming more aware of the environmental consequences of excessive waste generation and the avoidable costs associated with those practices.

The SDC System developed by Sonic Dry Clean helps preserve landfill space by diverting used air filters that can be cleaned safely from premature disposal, putting them back into service in a better than new condition. Recycling an air filter means reduced cost for the company. This is Sonic Dry Clean working hand in hand with business and the environment.