World Leader In Air Filter Dry Cleaning Technology


There are two different cleaning processes on the market outside of the SDC System. One places the air filter on a horizontal plan and the other uses a single nonadjustable air nozzle that is located on the inside of the air filter. Sonic has distinct advantages over theses cleaning process/machines. The results are obvious! SDC Machine vs. Other Cleaning Machines.


Companies can reduce their air filter costs by 75% ... or more in addition to getting Greater Engine and/or Work Environment Protection. An air filter cleaned by our patented cleaning process will be a cleaner air filter and provide better engine protection than replacing a dirty air filter with a brand new filter!

Boost Recycling - By cleaning air filters, rather than throwing them away after a single use, you help recycling programs being promoted by county, state and federal environmental agencies.

Help Waste Management -By cleaning air filters rather than disposing of them after a single use. This will help reduce landfill volume by as much as 85%, because air filters can be cleaned by the Sonic Dry Clean process several times without loss of integrity or efficiency.

Fight Pollution - by all ways having a clean air filter. Clean air filters save on fuel costs, reduces pollution, and provides cleaner exhaust emissions.

Reduce Inventory - No need to carry large air filters inventories. You can reduce your inventory by 75%. Further decreasing costs and increasing profits.

Quality Assurance – SDC System has a proven track record. Plus you can inspect and test each air filter after cleaning for both flow and integrity with the SDC Manometer Table and 750 Watt Halogen Light Source.