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Sonic Dry Clean recognized the need to develop a process to restore Air Filters to the same—or better—condition of that of a brand new one. A process that would allow the end-user to lower operational costs while creating a positive impact on the environment, reducing the amount of waste going to landfills, and keeping hazardous elements restrained.

This system would have to merit the approval of Caterpillar and Komatsu to satisfy the needs of the Mining Industry. A system able to provide repeatability in cleaning quality as well as capable of delivering a quality recycled air filter that meets—or exceed—industry standards.

With our effort, we raised the bar for quality in air filter cleaning systems. The Sonic Dry Clean System was placed at the top, as the World Leader in Air Filter Cleaning Technology. In 1990 Sonic Dry Clean, Inc., rendered the first edition: “The SDC-1”, preempting the need for unreliable wet washing.

Ever since, Sonic Dry Clean has committed to constantly improve and adapt the SDC System to meet with our customer’s needs, from the Mining Industry to Commercial Trucking, Transportation, and Manufacturing. Always with the same principle of providing unsurpassed technology that is sustainable for the user while capable of rendering a high-quality product with significant cost savings, and the bonus of protecting the environment.

We at Sonic Dry Clean continue to strive to improve our systems to provide you with the most dependable, high-quality recycled air filters for your equipment. It is our goal to continue to be the system every other manufacturer wants to copy. Emulation is the greatest form of praise!

Sonic Dry Clean the world leader in air filter dry cleaning technology, the name you can depend on.


Sonic Dry Clean was founded in 1990 by the visionary entrepreneurship of Don Means Jr., to address the need for new technology in air filter cleaning. Three years later, this defined commitment led to a singular achievement. The Sonic Dry Clean System.

The Sonic Dry Clean System has changed the way smart companies deal with their air filters. Once commonly hauled off to dumps where they consumed precious landfill space, or wet washed where the integrity of the filter is compromised, filters can now be recycled and reused with greater efficiency and safety than ever before!

Today, Sonic Dry Clean has operations throughout the United States and around the world. Its system has received top marks in independent scientific studies conducted by respected institutions, and businesses have realized substantial savings by using Sonic’s product.

As we work to revive the economy and protect our natural resources, the Sonic Dry Clean System serves a vital need and resource.

As Sonic Dry Clean continued to develop the process, SDC realized what a great environmental dimension there was to Sonic Dry Cleaning … we’ve had a tremendous positive impact on our nation’s and world’s landfill crisis. We estimate that we have saved in excess of 50 tons of air filters so far in San Diego County alone. Figured in terms of cubic feet, it amounts to several city blocks! When Sonic Dry Clean becomes the only way of life for air filters everywhere, it’s truly going to be a great day for the environment — both in the air and under the ground!”

John Hockin, Chief Executive Officer
Sonic Dry Clean